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Enclosed Mobile Food Trucks Permitting & Inspection Requirements
Revised 2-12-2016

Please Note:
The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety has determined that “Enclosed Mobile Food Truck” vehicles, once they are parked and operating they are “premises” and subject to all regulations and permit requirements contained in the NJ Uniform Fire Code.

Administrative Requirements
1) The operator must obtain a Type 1-Permit (permanent cooking operation with fire suppression system) (NJAC 5:70-2.7(a)3.xii)
2) Permits will not be granted unless a completed application is submitted or brought to the offices of the Department of Emergency and Safety Services during normal businesses hours, at least two (2) business days prior to the commencement of the event. (N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.7(b)).
3) For the purposes of this policy, “completed application” shall include all information requested on the application form.
4) The applicant shall specify and date/time requested for inspection on the application form. No permit will be issued until such time as an inspection is completed. (N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.7(c)).
5) The igniting of gas powered appliances prior to an inspection shall constitute a violation of the code and the operator shall be subject to penalty (N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.12(b)7.i)
Technical Requirements:
  • A food truck utilizing a cooking operation that, by way of cooking method or type of cuisine, creates grease laden vapors, must be equipped with an exhaust hood and a kitchen hood fire suppression system (NJAC 5:70-4.7(g))
  • The suppression system must be inspected/tested within previous 6 months by a company possessing a valid NJ Division of Fire Safety Contractor Permit (if the truck is registered in another state, such as PA or NY, then it must have been inspected within the last 6 months, but the inspection does not have to be performed by a company having a NJ Division of Fire Safety Contractor Permit). (Section 904.5.1, 2006 IFC, NJ Ed.)
  • The operator must have a copy of the actual fire suppression system inspection report in the vehicle (not just the cylinder tag).
  • The truck must be equipped with a “K” type portable fire extinguisher, if the truck is equipped with deep fat fryers. (Section 906-4, 2006 IFC, NJ Ed.)
  • Propane cylinders must be inspected for rust, damage, dents, leaks, alterations. (NFPA 58- Propane hoses, exposed portions, must be inspected for general condition and leaks. (NFPA 58-6.18.2)
  • Maximum propane tank size is 125 lbs. (300 gal wc). (There is no maximum amount per vehicle) (NFPA 58-
  • Propane containers and regulators must be installed on the outside of the vehicle, unless in a cabinet that is vapor tight to the inside of the vehicle, accessible only from outside the vehicle, and properly vented to the exterior of the vehicle. (NFPA 58-
  • Propane cylinders must be attached to the vehicle-they may not be free standing, even if properly secured (NFPA 58-
  • Propane cylinder valves, regulators, hoses, etc., must be protected from damage from physical impact, stones, mud, etc. (NFPA 58-6.21.3(B))
  • Regulators must be installed so that the pressure relief valve is pointing downward and the vent must be protected to prevent dirt, mud, etc., from entering the vent (NFPA 58-
  • The entire vehicle is subject to full inspection for all other applicable requirements provided for “premises” in accordance with NJ Uniform Fire Code, sub –chapter 3.
Please also note the following:
  • Failure to be present at the time of inspection will result in a denial of the fire safety permit.
  • Failure to comply with all conditions at the time of inspection will result in denial of the fire safety permit.
  • The permit may be revoked by the Fire Official or designated representative for failure to comply with the conditions of issuance or any violations of any provisions of the New Jersey Fire Code.
  • The use of the Food Truck prior to an inspection shall constitute a violation of the N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.12(b)7.i and the operator shall be subject to a penalty.

Please check that you agree before continuing.
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information above, that I am authorized to compete this application and I agree to the requirements and/or conditions imposed by the Fire Official.
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