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Farm Market Application

Farm Market vendors must submit all applications no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Payment is required with your application submission. If your application is not approved you will receive a refund within 30 days. To expedite your application please make sure all information is complete including valid emails and phone numbers so the Health Inspectors can contact you with any questions.

***On-site food preparation is not permitted at Farm Markets***

If you are selling whole, fresh, uncut fruits and/or vegetables (including mushrooms) there is no fee.

Click here for the application.

If you have any questions about this application please contact the Health Dept. 609-497-7608.

This application works best using the Google Chrome web browser. If possible please do so to avoid any problems or delays.
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By continuing I understand this is not an approval to operate. I will be contacted once my application has been reviewed.
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