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Municipality of Princeton Engineering and Infrastructure Operations

400 Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ 08540



Landscape and Landscaping shall mean to be in the business, occupation or trade of adorning or improving any property or portion of the property by trimming or cutting grass or shrubs, by planting, installing or removing leaves, branches, logs, grass, mulch, hedges or shrubs, or by planting or installing trees. Landscape and landscaping shall also refer to solicitation of the above referenced services.

Princeton makes no guarantee or representation regarding the fitness, knowledge or qualification of any person that is registered by Princeton to engage in landscaping for hire.

By signing and submitting this application, I acknowledge that: I understand and agree to abide by the relevant Princeton ordinances, State and Federal wage theft laws and other applicable laws, including but not limited to those requiring workers' compensation insurance; I currently have, and will maintain, all workers' compensation insurance that the law requires me to maintain; and I understand that Princeton may suspend or revoke my registration if I violate any Princeton ordinance, State or Federal wage theft laws or any other applicable law, including but not limited to those requiring workers' compensation insurance

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