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Princeton Police Department

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Princeton Police Department Ride-Along Application

Princeton Residents Only

Please read the following :
  1. The observer should be appropriately dressed in either business attire or casual wear in good taste; if not, Ride-Along approval may be revoked by the on-duty supervisor.
  2. The observer must follow the directions of the host officer at all times.
  3. The observer may be required to appear as a witness in court.
  4. The observer may end the ride whenever he/she wishes.
  5. The officer may end the ride for any reason he/she deems necessary or if safety circumstances dictate.
  6. Observer must wear a seatbelt and shoulder strap at all times while riding in the patrol car.
  7. Observers shall identify themselves, if asked, as an authorized citizen observer.
  8. Observers shall not be permitted to carry any flashlights, camera, radio or any type of recorder or player, or binoculars unless authorized by the Chief or his/her designee.
  9. Observers shall not carry weapons or restraining devices of any kind. Exceptions are limited to Police Personnel from other jurisdictions.
  10. Observers shall not interfere with investigations in any way by conversing with victims, suspects, or witnesses, handling evidence or equipment, or participating in any enforcement activity unless directed to do so by the host officer.
Liability Waiver:
I recognize that there are certain risks of personal injury, property damage, death or loss inherent with my participation in the Princeton Police Department’s “Ride Along Program.” I understand these risks and, in order to minimize them, I agree to obey all rules and regulations, follow all safety procedures, and obey all police officers and staff members assigned to this program. Because Princeton and the Princeton Police Department are public entities, I recognize and acknowledge that my ability to recover damages from Princeton, the Princeton Police Department, and their officers, agents, servants and employees as a result of any personal injury, property damage, death or other loss I may suffer due to my participation in this program may be limited by the provisions of the Tort Claims Act (N.J.S.A. 59:1-1, et seq.). I understand and agree that the privilege granted me to ride in a police motor vehicle shall only be exercised after making specific arrangements with the Chief of Police or his/her authorized representative. I further understand and agree that this privilege may be revoked at any time by the Chief of Police or his/her authorized representative.
Please check that you agree before continuing.
By continuing with the application I acknowledge that I am a Princeton resident and I have read and understand the instructions and liability associated with this Ride Along.
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