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Princeton Police Department Alarm Registration
Per Municipal ordinance 2015-23 all residential and commercial alarms must be registered with the Princeton Police Department every two years. Ordinance 2017-14 is a revised fee schedule for the alarm registration. Please take a moment to review these ordinances before completing the registration form. If you have any questions contact the Princeton Police Department at 609-921-2100 option 1.
If you are going away and your house will be vacant for a period of time-do not include that information on the registration form complete this form for the Police Department to check your residence while you are away.


Why am I required to register my alarm? Town ordinances 2015-23 & 2017-14 requires that all alarms be registered within 30 days of installation and re-registered every two years. Alarm users may view the biennial registration period as an opportunity to update their alarm/monitoring company and contact information. However, users are encouraged to contact Police Records at any time during the year to add or delete contact information as necessary. Up to date contact information is important should we need to reach you, or reach a person who is familiar with your alarm.
I had a false alarm, what should I do? False alarms can generally be placed in two categories, human and mechanical error. Instruct your alarm users to the correct procedure for your alarm and what to do in the event of a false alarm. For users of a monitoring company, a false alarm must be cancelled through the monitoring company (contact your company for their procedure). If an alarm is cancelled prior to police arriving on scene, you will not be charged for the false alarm. Alarms require maintenance from time to time and, unfortunately, you may not be aware that your alarm needs servicing until you have a false alarm. If you experience a false alarm due to a mechanical problem, have your system serviced and submit a copy of the repair paperwork to Police Records; your false alarm will be removed from your record. Summonses are time sensitive, so systems must be repaired immediately so as not to incur court costs. It is our goal that alarm users maintain their alarms so as not to incur fines, and use the alarms correctly to keep people and property secure.
I’m moving, what do I need to do? When you sell your property or vacate as a tenant (residential or commercial), let us know so that we remove your name from our alarm file and you do not incur a fine for non-registration. However, if you retain ownership of the property and the alarm is not disabled (panel is lighted, shows zones, etc.) you must register since the alarm is still wired and active.
I don’t use my alarm, do I need to register? Any person who installs, has installed, operates, maintains or owns any alarm system designed to summon the police, fire or other municipal agency to your location in response to any type of alarm signal must register.

Alarm Guidelines

Any alarm that is designed to summon the Princeton Police or fire department or other municipal agency to any location in response to any type of alarm signal is required to be registered, and is subject to fines for chargeable false alarms (the exception is individual smoke detectors and CO alarms)
Burglar alarm
A burglar alarm will be chargeable unless:
  • Patrol finds evidence of a burglary or attempted burglary
  • Patrol finds the alarm was set off due to extreme weather conditions/power outages
  • Patrol finds a circumstance exists where the alarm acted properly with no fault of the homeowner (example: a tree branch or baseball goes through a window)
Fire Alarm
A fire alarm will be chargeable unless:
  • Patrol finds evidence of an actual fire or smoke condition in the residence
  • Patrol finds that an alarm was activated by dust or fumes caused by work or other activities being done in the residence.
  • Patrol finds that a pull station was activated for a legitimate reason
  • Patrol finds a circumstance exists where the alarm acted properly with no fault of the homeowner (example: careless cooking)
Cancelled alarms
A monitored alarm may only be cancelled if notification is received by dispatch from the monitoring company prior to the arrival of patrol.
Independent Devices
Activations of independent (individual smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors) which are installed within a structure for the purpose of alerting only the occupants and is not monitored by a person or company for the purposes of notifying the police or fire departments are not chargeable.

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