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Request for a copy of a certified death certificate for persons that died in Princeton, NJ.
Each certified copy is 25.00

All requests MUST include a copy of a current picture identification of the applicant AND a copy of the address page of a utility bill, car registration card or car insurance card showing the applicants current address. In addition to those documents, a relationship between the person requesting the document and the deceased must be clearly established. A copy of the applicants birth certificate including the parents name(s) or court documentation proving that the requestor has been appointed executor or executrix of the estate of the deceased must be attached. (If the applicant has changed their name to be different than their parents, documentation of that name change must also be provided. This would include a marriage certificate or court documentation)

Records will be processed within 7-10 business days. If you need this recored before that please call the Health Department 609-497-7608 to make those arrangements.

This application works best using the Google Chrome web browser. If possible please do so to avoid any problems or delays.

If you have further questions please contact the Princeton Health Department at 609-497-7608.
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I acknowledge that I am requesting this death certificate for a person who died in Princeton, NJ
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Additional Signatures Required

Photo ID
Copy of the address page of a utility bill showing the name and address of the person requesting the certified copies.
Proof of relationship to deceased: copy of birth certificate, court documents, other pertinent documents proving relationship.