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Municipality of Princeton Office of the Engieer

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In accordance with Princeton’s Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control, the Engineering Department is establishing a new reporting program in 2018 for major developments to ensure adequate long-term cleaning, operation and maintenance of stormwater facilities not owned or operated by the Municipality of Princeton. The full text of the Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit is available at

A stormwater facility is defined in the Permit as follows:

“Stormwater facility" includes, but is not limited to: catch basins, detention basins, retention basins, filter strips, riparian buffers, infiltration trenches, sand filters, constructed wetlands, wet basins, bioretention systems, low flow bypasses, and stormwater conveyances. Stormwater facilities include structural stormwater management measures.

A stormwater conveyance includes, but is not limited to pipes and ditches.

The land use approval your major development received from the Princeton Planning Board included the approval of a stormwater facilities Operation and Maintenance manual. This Operation and Maintenance manual outlines the inspection, maintenance and record keeping requirements for all components of your private stormwater facilities. Maintenance guidance materials can be viewed at

In order to be in compliance with Princeton’s private stormwater facilities reporting program, owners of stormwater facilities shall certify by March 1, 2018 that annual maintenance and needed repairs have been completed. Please complete this stormwater facilities registration and certification form and upload the following documents:
  • An electronic version of your current private Stormwater Facility Operation and Maintenance manual
  • Completed inspection logs
  • Completed preventative maintenance logs
  • Completed corrective maintenance logs and records
We appreciate your cooperation in the implementation of this very important program to protect the waters of New Jersey.
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By continuing I agree to complete the form in its entirety and provide the requested documents.
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